Lancaster, Ky

Prompt Air Conditioning Repair in Lancaster, KY, Is Our Guarantee

Looking for quality air conditioning repair in Lancaster, KY, should be fast and easy. And it is when you call the experts at R&D Indoor Comfort. Since 1954, we’ve helped customers in and around Lexington with their AC problems. If you need repairs or a free second opinion, why not talk with a member of our staff today? Schedule your AC repair appointment by calling us at 859-687-8911.

Each of our technicians has all the training they need, plus years of experience. We’ve seen everything from small scrapes to catastrophic meltdowns. Whatever your cooling is dealing with, we’re sure we can help. R&D services all makes and models, including other equipment like heat pumps and ductless mini-splits. True customer service shouldn’t be restricted to certain brands.

But exceeding your expectations is also a question of when. As in, when can we handle your repair job? If you call before noon, we’ll do everything we can to offer same-day service. Technicians are even available on the weekend just in case. Sign up for one of our service plans to receive permanent priority status. In the meantime, we’ll always try to resolve your problem quickly.

Tired of everything other than the best air conditioning repair in Lancaster, KY? Good thing R&D Indoor Comfort is around to help. Ask our staff about a free second opinion, or details about our current offers. When you’re ready to schedule an appointment, give us a call at 859-687-8911.

Protect Your New Equipment With Pro Air Conditioning Installation in Lancaster, KY

We appreciate our air conditioners when they get us through hot summer days. But before you know it, your system is gone for good. A surprise replacement is never fun, but you can make the process much easier. Just ask for help from the HVAC pros at R&D Indoor Comfort. Our air conditioning installation in Lancaster, KY, can set you up with the perfect replacement model. We can even offer a free second opinion. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at 859-687-8911 today.

A quality installation starts with deciding the air conditioner’s make and model. There are lots of choices, but they’re not always a good fit for you. Some systems are too small or even too big for your specific cooling needs. Our technicians evaluate your HVAC system to recommend what AC system would serve you best. R&D Indoor Comfort understands that honest advice helps our customers make the best decisions.

A powerful, energy-efficient Lennox® air conditioner is an excellent option. We’re your local Lennox Premier Dealer™, working to make these high-quality systems more affordable than ever. Qualified customers are eligible for additional financing options. In the long run, Lennox systems can save money through high energy efficiency. But don’t worry if you have another make and model in mind. The job will get done right no matter what.

If you’re ready to find your next air conditioner, why not let the pros at R&D Indoor Comfort help you out? We offer fast and affordable air conditioning installation in Lancaster, KY, and all around Lexington. Get in touch with our customer support today. We can provide details about services and products, including our free second opinion. To schedule an appointment, call 859-687-8911.

Never Worry About Furnace Repair in Lancaster, KY, Again

Has your furnace ever broken down right before winter? If it has, you know how frustrating that can be. We can’t always expect when the next problem will show up, but R&D Indoor Comfort will fix the problem regardless. Our furnace repair in Lancaster, KY, is famous for speed and reliability. Let our technicians handle the hard work and get your heating back online right away. Give us a call at 859-687-8911 to schedule an appointment.

The best repair service needs the right training, tools & experience. R&D Indoor Comfort can guarantee courteous, professional support every step of the way. Your technician is trained to service all makes and models, including other heating systems like boilers and heat pumps. By now we’ve seen just about every kind of problem big and small alike. We can even help with commercial heaters too! The best customer service should be available to everyone when possible.

That includes when you first call us. Do so before noon, and we’ll do our best to ensure same-day service. And while on the job, we keep you updated throughout. That includes if we find something else wrong with your HVAC equipment. After all, having all the info is the best way to determine how to move forward. You may benefit from enrollment in one of our service plans. Not only will we keep your furnace in great shape, but permanent priority service is guaranteed.

R&D Indoor Comfort is always striving to be the best furnace repair in Lancaster, KY. Our staff is ready to help you with your next heating problem. Ask about a free second opinion, or for details about any of our available products and services. We can also help you schedule an appointment. Whatever you need, get started by calling 859-687-8911.

    We Make Furnace Installation in Lancaster, KY, Simple and Stress-Free

    You probably don’t have fun when looking for a replacement furnace. Other companies might take advantage of this and insist on a certain model. Since 1954, R&D Indoor Comfort has built a reputation for making furnace installation in Lancaster, KY, a hassle-free process. Even if you’ve considered someone else, our free second opinion guarantees you’re getting the best deal. Schedule an appointment with one of our technicians today by giving us a call at 859-687-8911.

    For the best solutions, heating repair techs need the right training and certifications. R&D Indoor Comfort ensures all our staff is knowledgeable, friendly and courteous. We’ll review your HVAC system and offer an honest opinion about ideal replacement models. We’re happy to walk you through brands and features too. If you have a specific make and model in mind, this is a great way to compare it with others.

    If you don’t know what to choose, keep in mind R&D Indoor Comfort is also your local Lennox Premier Dealer. A Lennox brand furnace may be a great fit for you and your budget. They offer great performance and energy efficiency. New systems are more affordable than ever for qualified customers, thanks to their eligibility for flexible financing options. Not only can you reduce costs before installation, but a Lennox furnace may lower your monthly heating bill too.

    Think that sounds like a good deal? Let us know what you think by contacting our customer support. We can answer questions, provide a free quote or help you schedule an appointment. Just give us a call at 859-687-8911 today. Your flawless furnace installation in Lancaster, KY, could be just a phone call away!