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Have you found something wrong with your air conditioner? For the fastest solution in town, call R&D Indoor Comfort. Our air conditioning repair in Danville, KY, is built around your comfort and budget. Let our experienced technicians find the source of your problem and fix it fast. To schedule an appointment, give our staff a call at 859-687-8911. We can also answer questions and provide a free second opinion. Call today!

Safe and effective repairs need comprehensive training and certification. Our technicians have experience servicing all makes and models, looking for and removing many different problems. Whether it’s a common hiccup or a total meltdown, we’ve got you covered. We can even help with other cooling systems like ductless mini-splits and heat pumps. As soon as you think something is wrong, let us know!

Calling before noon makes you eligible for same-day service. And if you enroll in one of our service plans, you’ll have permanent priority status. Throughout the repair process, we give you steady updates on how the job is going. If something changes, you’ll know right away. Together we’ll make the best decision for the long-term effectiveness of your air conditioning.

Don’t settle for service that’s slow or expensive. Call R&D Indoor Comfort for outstanding air conditioning repair in Danville, KY. Ask about our products and services, or for a free second opinion. We can even help you schedule an appointment with one of our technicians. Receive the customer service you deserve today by calling us at 859-687-8911.

Schedule Quality Air Conditioning Installation in Danville, KY, Now

We count on our air conditioning to get us through the hot summer. But sometimes your cooling can’t take the heat. Even the best systems will shut down for good after enough time passes. But you don’t have to worry about finding a replacement. R&D Indoor Comfort offers professional air conditioning installation in Danville, KY. Ask our staff about a free second opinion. To schedule an appointment, call today at 859-687-8911.

What separates our installation process from the rest? True customer service should pair you with the perfect air conditioner for your needs and budget. But other companies might push for something you don’t actually need. Our technicians offer expert advice based on your comfort and satisfaction. We’ll review your HVAC system and point you toward the right makes and models. If you don’t have something specific in mind, we’re sure we can get you started.

R&D Indoor Comfort is proud to serve as your local Dave Lennox Premier Dealer™.
Lennox® systems offer reliable performance and improved energy efficiency. Qualified customers can take advantage of financing options to make these new systems even more affordable. But maybe you have a specific make and model in mind. Whatever you choose, you can rest easy knowing installation is under control.

If you’re ready to upgrade your cooling, why not let R&D Indoor Comfort help you out? Our air conditioning installation in Danville, KY, is designed to be fast and stress-free. Give us a call to request a free quote or help schedule an appointment. You can reach us at 859-687-8911. We’ll be ready to help however we can!

Furnace Repair in Danville, KY, That’s Right for You

Sometimes your furnace breaks or malfunctions. While not always serious, finding quality repairs can be tiring. Call R&D Indoor Comfort for the best furnace repair in Danville, KY. We’ve been serving customers in and around Lexington since 1954. Repairs are guaranteed to be handled quickly and professionally. To schedule an appointment, get in touch with our customer support. We can also help you with questions about current products and offers. Call today at 859-687-8911 to get started!

A team of HVAC pros needs the right tools and training. Your repair technician will have experience servicing all kinds of makes and models. This includes different fuel sources like oil, gas and electricity. Other heating systems like heat pumps and boilers are also covered. We’ve seen big and small problems alike and can offer solutions right for you. Throughout the process, we’ll keep you informed of what we do and find.

Real dedication to customer service is about making it widely available. If you call before noon, we’ll do our best to ensure same-day service. Resolving your problem as soon as possible will keep the time and resources we need as low as possible. You may want to check out one of our service plans. They include permanent priority status for even faster heating solutions.

You deserve the best possible furnace repair in Danville, KY. Get in touch with one of the HVAC experts at R&D Indoor Comfort for your next repair project. Want to know more about our offers? Or are you interested in scheduling an appointment? Whatever you need, we’re ready to help. Call us today at 859-687-8911.

    We Offer the Fastest Furnace Installation in Danville, KY

    Are you trying to find the right replacement furnace? It can be tough, especially with all the available options. The team of HVAC pros at R&D Indoor Comfort can help. We’ve spent more than 50 years perfecting our furnace installation in Danville, KY. Ask about a free second opinion quote if you’re unsure about another company. And if you’d like to schedule an appointment with us, you can reach us at 859-687-8911. Call for questions, concerns or when you’re ready for top-notch customer support!

    You may not know how to find the right furnace for your needs and budget. Other companies aren’t helpful if they insist you need a powerful and expensive furnace. Your R&D technician evaluates your HVAC system to tell you what you really need. You can count on us to offer honest advice for your long-term comfort. We’ll help you explore brands and features to find just what you’re looking for.

    But if you don’t have something in mind, consider a powerful Lennox system. Lennox furnaces offer even and energy-efficient heating. As your local Lennox Premier Dealer, we’ll help set up qualified customers with additional financing options. New installation often comes with better energy efficiency, which can lower your monthly heating bill. Over its lifetime, those savings really add up.

    If you’re nervous about how your furnace will handle next winter, let us help. R&D Indoor Comfort can provide seamless furnace installation in Danville, KY. We’ll get the job done quickly and professionally. Learn more by getting in touch with our support staff. Feel free to ask about our second opinion quotes! Schedule your appointment today by calling us at 859-687-8911.