Maintenance Program

Routine HVAC Maintenance Protects for the Future

Our HVAC systems are truly impressive pieces of technology, providing a sense of comfort through searing summer heat and bitter winter cold. But that’s only when they’re functioning properly. When something goes wrong, your heating and cooling may not run as efficiently or even at all. Dirt and grime buildup, worn components, and other similar concerns can be resolved through routine HVAC maintenance.

There are many benefits to keeping up with annual HVAC maintenance, both immediate and long-term. And there are even more benefits to letting the experts at R&D Indoor Comfort take care of it for you! Our technicians can keep a close eye on your furnace, air conditioner, or any other piece of HVAC equipment. We’ll ensure all components are kept in good condition, stopping problems early and encouraging maximum energy efficiency.

We offer several different HVAC maintenance plans to choose from. They provide comprehensive protection, but did you know you can help with the maintenance too?

A DIY HVAC Maintenance Checklist

You don’t need professional certifications to keep your HVAC system well-maintained. There are many simple and easy tasks you can perform on your own.

  1. Clear the space around your HVAC system. In many cases, problems start because something gets into the machinery. Regularly cleaning around your HVAC system keeps dust, debris, and a wide variety of other foreign materials from getting inside.
  2. Replace or clean the filter as directed. Your air filter is the first line of defense, keeping airborne particles and gunk out of the ductwork. Whether you clean or replace the filter depends on its design. Consistent filter management can also improve your home’s indoor air quality.
  3. Keep eyes and ears open for unusual changes. You know better than anyone what your heating and cooling sound like. Most of the time that’s what normal operation sounds like, so anything out of the ordinary could be a sign of trouble.

HVAC preventive maintenance covers these and many other tasks, but there’s only so much you can do without the experience and tools of a professional. The R&D Indoor Comfort maintenance program offers fast and comprehensive support that can keep your equipment in the best possible shape.

Enjoy Club Membership Benefits with Our Full Service Plan (FSP)

How many times have you heard about maintenance technicians handing you the bill for labor? Our Full Service Plan covers all labor costs and comes with many other useful perks. We’ll be there before the end of the following day, and same-day service is available when you call before noon.

The FSP includes an exhaustive diagnostics process to verify the equipment is working according to manufacturer standards. You’ll also receive Performance & Functionality inspections in the spring and fall. If we determine your system is better off entirely replaced, a 10% discount keeps costs down.

    Performance and Functionality Check

    A PFC program is one of the best forms of HVAC maintenance available. Preschedule and prepay for two each year, and your technician will make sure every piece of equipment is ready for the changing seasons.

    A spring PFC focuses on the air conditioner, maintaining vital components like the condenser coil, and checking others for evidence of trouble. Meanwhile, the fall PFC is primarily for furnaces. We’ll inspect electrical components as well as safety features. Our staff can even service heat pumps! Whatever your equipment is, a PFC program keeps every inch clean and well-cared for.

      Air Filter Maintenance

      You don’t have to worry about air filter maintenance if you’d rather a professional technician handle that too, especially since many HVAC systems are in uncomfortable or difficult-to-reach places like the attic or crawl space. R&D customers receive quarterly filter changes, ensuring dust and debris stays out of your ductwork. Monthly filter changes are useful for those with health issues or a commercial property to manage. And like the PFC programs, you can schedule these ahead of time.

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        R&D Indoor Comfort offers robust HVAC maintenance service in and around Lexington, KY. If you want everything your HVAC system can provide, get in touch with our staff! We can help you with any questions or concerns you may have.Give us a call today at 859-255-7650 to schedule an appointment or consultation.