Air Conditioning Maintenance

Protect Your HVAC System with Professional Air Conditioning Maintenance

Your air conditioner is one of the hardest-working parts of your HVAC system. It provides reliable cooling even when summer temperatures start to climb. That kind of dependable performance deserves quality support. R&D Indoor Comfort and our team of experienced HVAC technicians can provide that support and more with air conditioning maintenance in Lexington and the surrounding communities. We’re famous for all our air conditioning services and will be happy to help you as well.

Our air conditioning maintenance is designed to maximize your HVAC system’s performance and energy efficiency. But there are other advantages of regularly scheduled maintenance calls. Call R&D Indoor Comfort at 859-255-7650 today to learn more. You can also request a free quote or schedule an appointment.

Here’s What Air Conditioning Maintenance Can Do for You

You might think you don’t need consistent air conditioning maintenance. And it’s true that ignoring routine servicing won’t ruin your HVAC system. But you could be missing out on a large margin of improvement. Even if your air conditioner is running well, maintenance calls give our staff an opportunity to support your HVAC system in other ways, such as:

  1. True reliability. It’s hard to be certain your air conditioner won’t malfunction suddenly. With routine maintenance, you can rest easy knowing your cooling equipment is being closely monitored by trained professionals. Because it’s in such good condition, any surprise problems you do encounter will be easier and faster to resolve.
  2. Peak energy efficiency. Using less time and energy to cool your home means lower monthly utility bills. Routine maintenance keeps all components in peak condition, which can result in the best possible energy efficiency. Those savings will really add up over an air conditioner’s life span.
  3. Fewer problems and breakdowns. Every air conditioner is going to malfunction at one point or another. But routine maintenance guarantees this happens as little as possible. Our technicians can inspect your air conditioner for signs of trouble, and take steps to resolve things then and there. Problems will have less time to worsen or expand before they’re found.

Try R&D Indoor Comfort’s Full Service Maintenance Plan

Enrolling in an air conditioning maintenance plan is the best way to provide your HVAC system with regular servicing. But our full-service maintenance plan includes other useful benefits. If you sign up today, you can take advantage of them all!

  • Receive same-day service whenever possible
  • Parts and labor on repair jobs are covered
  • Discounts on services including system replacement
  • Thorough inspection and cleaning process
  • Pre-scheduled filter changes
  • And more!

For the best air conditioning maintenance around, call the friendly pros at R&D Indoor Comfort. Request an appointment or a free quote from our staff today. We can also share details about our full-service maintenance plan, and any other special offers. Just call 859-255-7650 to get started!