Air Conditioning Installation

Upgrade Your HVAC System with Pro Air Conditioning Installation

A well-maintained air conditioner can provide consistent cooling for up to 15 years. As your cooling system gets older, it will run less efficiently. More time and energy is needed to maintain set temperatures. Soon enough, your air conditioner fails permanently.

This doesn’t have to be a bad surprise. In fact, air conditioning installation in Lexington can be fast and stress-free. You just have to call the experts at R&D Indoor Comfort! We offer a variety of air conditioning services in central Kentucky that are designed to support you and your HVAC system. Enjoy quality customer service from friendly and experienced technicians. We’ll set you up with a quality replacement air conditioner.

Request a free quote from a member of our staff to learn how you could benefit from our air conditioning installation. We can also help you schedule an appointment. Call the HVAC pros of R&D Indoor Comfort at 859-255-7650 today!

Air Conditioning Installation Comes With Many Benefits

Many people don’t know just how efficient their HVAC system can be. Even if you already have a working air conditioner, a new installation can be an excellent investment. We’ll help ensure you get the most from a new air conditioner, including:

  1. Lower energy bills. New air conditioning technology uses less fuel for more cooling. When you install a new air conditioner, you could see a sizable reduction in your monthly bill. And those savings add up further over a system’s life span.
  2. Smart home compatibility. Modern systems can be integrated with other smart home accessories. Pair your new air conditioner with a smart thermostat for outstanding functionality and even better energy efficiency.
  3. Reliable longevity. Replacement air conditioners aren’t like spare tires. They’re built to last and can provide dependable service for many years. Investing in routine maintenance can extend its reliability even longer.
  4. True peace of mind. There’s nothing quite as relaxing as the knowledge your HVAC system is in good hands. Your technician will do whatever is necessary to guarantee a smooth transition to your replacement air conditioner. And we’ll keep it in great shape with effective repair and maintenance support.

R&D Indoor Comfort can install a wide variety of air conditioners, including powerful Lennox® models. Our technicians are very knowledgeable about other brands, and we’re happy to help you compare possible options. If you have a specific make and model in mind, that’s fine too. We’re happy when you are.

Ask about our full-service air conditioning maintenance plan. With routine servicing, we’ll keep your new air conditioner working its best.

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R&D Indoor Comfort can help you find the perfect replacement for your air conditioning system. We’ll handle installation too, making sure everything is according to your expectations. All you’ll have to do is sit back and take advantage of what the new installation can offer you.
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