UV Germicidal Lamps: What Is UV Light?

Indoor air quality equipment focuses on eliminating anything that would affect the health, comfort and safety of the air you breathe. This includes excess humidity or airborne contaminants like dust and smoke particles. But a lot of IAQ products struggle with microorganisms such as mold spores, bacteria and even viruses. These pollutants can be small enough to pass through standard filters.

Fortunately, you still have a solution. R&D Indoor Comfort offers UV germicidal lamps, a unique form of indoor air quality equipment that can keep microorganisms from lowering your indoor air quality. You can request a free quote for UV germicidal lamp installation in Lexington, KY, by giving us a call at 859-255-7650. We’ll be happy to help you figure out if a UV lamp is right for you.

UV Light Has Sanitizing Qualities

UV lamps use a form of radiation known as UV-C light. While similar to the UV rays from sunlight, UV-C light can deactivate microorganisms and sterilize germs. Once microorganisms pass through the UV light, they are no longer able to reproduce. With their short life cycles, they will quickly die before they can start affecting your indoor air quality.

For this reason, UV lamps work best when they’re installed directly in your HVAC system. As air passes through during a heating or cooling cycle, it will have to pass through the lamp’s UV light. You’ll gradually sanitize your home’s indoor air supply while enjoying comfortable temperatures!

There Are Also Different Types of Lamps

UV light is very helpful, but you’ll also want to compare the different types of lamps themselves. There are two primary types, which are differentiated by where they’re installed: coil sanitizing lights and air sanitizing lights.

  • Coil sanitizing lights focus on your air conditioner’s condenser coil. This is a great place for a UV germicidal lamp because the moisture on the coils can encourage mold growth. UV light here will stop the particles from circulating through your air conditioner.
  • Air sanitizing lights are installed directly inside your air ducts and sanitize your air supply as it returns. This works best for particles that are already airborne and not lodged somewhere else. You can even connect these types of lights to components like the blower motor, so that the light is only on when airflow is bringing pollutants to sanitize.

Benefits of UV Lamp Installation from R&D Indoor Comfort

Like other IAQ solutions, UV germicidal lamps offer a lot of benefits for your health and well-being, an important part of a complete sense of comfort. If you decide to receive UV lamp installation, you’ll be able to appreciate:

  1. Fewer foul or strong odors – Lots of microorganisms like mold and mildew can produce musty, unpleasant odors. Sanitizing these contaminants helps remove the smell, leaving your house smelling fresher.
  2. Reduced spread of illness – Lots of airborne particles can cause illnesses like the cold and flu. With UV lamps in place, you’ll limit the number of illness-inducing viruses and bacteria circulating through the air.
  3. Fewer allergy or asthma symptoms – Even if they don’t make you sick, airborne particles can still cause discomfort by aggravating existing conditions like seasonal allergies. UV lamps can help fight against Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that can make coughing, wheezing and similar symptoms worse.
  4. Higher energy efficiency: As more pollutants collect on your HVAC system, the harder it will have to work. Eventually it could cause real losses in energy efficiency, something a UV lamp helps to reverse. The right indoor air quality products will help ensure your HVAC system runs as energy efficiently as possible.

See the Light and Call R&D Indoor Comfort Today!

If you’re looking for ways to keep your home healthy, consider a UV germicidal lamp for your HVAC system. Our NATE-certified technicians can fill you in on all the details including a free quote, so give us a call today at 859-255-7650 to find out more.