Mini Split Systems

Simplify Comfort with R&D Indoor Comfort’s Mini Split System Repair and Installation

Many homes struggle with unusual hot or cold spots in specific places. This can be because of inefficient ductwork or recent renovation projects. But whatever the reason, it is annoying to deal with stubborn hot and cold spots. Rather than replacing your entire HVAC system, consider investing in a mini split. A quality mini split system is an affordable way to address smaller comfort problems in ways larger equipment can’t.

R&D Indoor Comfort is proud to sell and service this compact, yet effective HVAC technology. We pair top brands like Trane with our exceptional installation services for an unbeatable combination. Our staff can recommend the ideal make and model based on the specific problem you want to address.

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What Is a Mini Split?

Mini splits are also known as split systems and ductless mini splits. They are called ‘ductless’ because they don’t require existing ductwork to provide heating or cooling. This makes them a versatile option for stubborn hot and cold spots because you can install one without connecting it to the rest of your HVAC system.

A mini split is smaller than a central HVAC system and consists of two distinct units. The outdoor unit is installed near the room or space you want to focus on. Special piping connects to the indoor unit, which is usually installed on the wall.

How Are Mini Splits Different?

Mini splits are different from traditional HVAC equipment in several ways, but the specifics can depend on the type of mini split you want. Some mini splits are for air conditioning only, making them well-suited for climates with mild winters. Other models offer both heating and cooling, like heat pumps.

Mini splits don’t require ductwork: Traditional air conditioners and heaters need your home’s ductwork for even distribution throughout your home. A mini split can ignore existing ductwork, as it is built for smaller rooms and spaces.

Mini splits are quiet and compact: Even though the indoor unit is installed on the wall, you won’t have to worry about noise. Their small, efficient design ensures quality temperature control without the bulk and noise of standard equipment.

Mini Split Air Conditioners vs. Central AC

If you’re looking for affordable cooling, you can’t do much better than a mini split air conditioner. Mini split AC systems are smaller and use less energy than central, whole-home air conditioning equipment. This smaller, simpler design means installation and repair costs are much lower. Maintaining them is also easier when compared to yearly air conditioning maintenance. Installing one in your home can be more cost-efficient for stubborn hot spots.

One common feature between mini splits and central AC systems is the use of refrigerants to generate cooling. Your mini splits outdoor compressor unit houses the refrigerant needed to lower the air’s temperature. The air is then sent through tubing to the indoor air handler.

Mini Split Heat Pumps vs. Traditional Heat Pumps

For the most part, mini splits are very similar to ducted heat pumps. Rather than generating heating with fuel like electricity or natural gas, mini split heat pumps simply transfer heat in or out of your home. In the summer, the heat pump will move air through the refrigeration system inside the outdoor unit.

This process is reversed in winter. There is still ambient heat outdoors, but heat pumps are typically less efficient in colder weather. The lack of ductwork makes mini splits more efficient for the area they can provide heat for, as there are fewer opportunities for air to escape.

Is a Mini Split a Good Option in Kentucky?

A ductless mini split system is a great choice for heating and cooling in and around Lexington, KY. Summers aren’t as sweltering as places further south, and winter doesn’t produce the bitter cold found in the Midwest or northeast regions.

Their affordability makes them useful for any budget. Smaller homes can use mini split systems for their problem areas just as effectively as sweeping renovations.

Finally, you’ll appreciate how energy-efficient mini split systems can be. Most mini split systems feature a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating of 18 or higher. This is high enough to qualify for federal HVAC tax credits, which can be used towards installation costs.

Count on R&D Indoor Comfort for the Best Mini Split Service

Investing in a mini split system is perfect for detached spaces, problem spots, and family members who prefer more control over a specific room’s temperature. You can enjoy the benefits too, but only if you trust a certified professional to deliver seamless installation.

Luckily, you have R&D Indoor Comfort. Our technicians will be happy to install and maintain your next mini split. Request your free sales quote today by giving us a call at 859-255-7650.