Air Handlers

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While most homeowners assume an HVAC system consists of a furnace and air conditioner, you may be surprised to learn there are more options available. A popular alternative is the heat pump, which can provide both heating and cooling. But heat pump systems lack the blower motors found in traditional HVAC equipment.

That’s where the air handler comes in. This useful piece of HVAC technology provides the circulation necessary for an efficient heat pump-based system. The expert technicians at R&D Indoor Comfort have extensive experience installing and servicing air handlers. With our help, your new air handler will efficiently deliver comfort throughout your home as well as any central HVAC system.

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What Is an Air Handler?

Air handlers aren’t as synonymous with HVAC equipment the way furnaces and air conditioners are. In fact, you may not have heard of one until now. This piece of equipment “handles” air by using a blower motor to create circulation. While the heat pump is responsible for providing the heating and cooling, the air handler ensures even distribution.

Many air handlers resemble furnaces, particularly because they are also placed indoors. But quality models are often smaller than furnaces, making them more versatile for smaller homes. Before installation, your technician will help you identify the appropriate size air handler your home requires. We often work with Lennox® air handlers, which can provide the reliable airflow needed for energy-efficient comfort.

Benefits of an Air Handler

Along with a quality heat pump, an air handler makes for a very efficient heating and cooling system. With the right sizing and professional installation, it can even be more efficient than traditional central HVAC systems.

But that’s just the start. Some standout benefits of installing an air handler include:

  • Great for milder climates — In more temperate areas, a heat pump and air handler system will suffice. You could see large savings on your monthly utility bill over the life span of your equipment.
  • Quiet and efficient circulation — As an indoor unit, a quality air handler is much quieter when in use compared to a furnace. And it can still deliver efficient airflow through your ductwork.
  • Less equipment, fewer repairs — Since the heat pump generates both heating and cooling, there’s less equipment overall in your HVAC system. This can reduce the number of repairs or maintenance calls you may have to make over the lifetime of each piece of equipment.

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